If you want to talk to your teenagers, learn how to use the Internet.  And do it fast.


Next is Now…More than ever is worth watching.

The compelling short video produced my Rogers Media uses real Canadian locations, faces and statistics that show just how much our kids value the power of the Internet, and the skyrocketing growth and use of technology.

Did you know…?

*For the first time in history, teenagers do their homework online as often as offline.

*They can use more than 20,000 educational apps, which is three times more than there are colleges and universities in North America.

*The millennial generation has grown up with technology.  The Internet is their normal.  The youth of today have no conception of a world without computers, the Internet, and texting.

*30% of students believe that working remotely is their right.

*Someone born today might spend most of their life without cash, and will use instead a digital wallet.

The Bottom Line

Technology influences everything teens do – from listening to music, to learning, shopping, and how they interact with each other, and with their parents.

So don’t complain that your kids won’t talk to you.  Instead, learn how to speak their language.

How do you feel about the pervasion of technology?  Is it too much?  Are you ready to accept it? You may have no choice.



  1. I’m ready to accept it and embrace it. I want to be relevant and relatable to my kids.


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