Who Got the Rose? The Bachelor Canada Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of The Bachelor Canada tells us more about Brad Smith the guy than any of his potential lady loves. We’re finally getting a glimpse into Brad the Man behind Blue Eyes (and abs, and tattoo). We’re also getting a taste of his taste in women as we find ourselves screaming at the screen (and on twitter): “Yikes! Brad! NOOOO!”


Last night’s fun begins with Tyler Harcott’s ominous pronouncement that after a group date and a dreaded 2:1 (one stays, one goes), four girls will get axed. The remaining four, who go on hometown dates next week, get to introduce our footballer to their families.


The group date has Ana, Britany, Gabrielle and Kara dressing like would-be Cinderellas to pose for a photo spread with everyone’s Prince Charming for the November issue of LouLou magazine.

As the girls coo all over Brad, and he chooses to withhold the rose from all, we can’t help but wonder if:

*perhaps Brad is not into girls showing weakness – I mean vulnerability. Did Britany’s tearful confession that her dad suffered from alcoholism throughout her childhood turn him off?

*supermodel-worthy Ana should kiss Brad goodbye, quit her job as a “server” in Ottawa and get on a plane to Hollywood today.

*Gabrielle took a bath in purple eyeshadow.


Oh, those tricky Bachelor editors. The 2:1 date fools us – with Laura B. swallowing Brad’s tongue – while Bianka, with her I’m-just-not-that-into-you act, ends up rocking the rose. Brad’s constant referral to Laura’s “mini-meltdown” after their first date gets us thinking again that this dude don’t want no emotion, thank you very much.

Then out-to-win Whitney seals the deal. She breaks the rules by marching into Brad’s room whereupon he promptly looks into her laser stare and spills his heart. The next part is painful to watch (but oh so fun to tweet).

Our blue-eyed boy goes on to recount the frightening death of his two best friends – which, in case you were wondering, is the basis for the design of his yummy chest tattoo. We can’t help but cry along with his man-tears while the ice queen from Calgary sits there dry-eyed, thinking Yes! He’s crying! I’m winning! Then, with Brad dizzy from emotion, she gets him right back in the game, warning “I’d better get that one-on-one date.” (Or Else.)

Which (surprise!) she does, leaving virgin Chantelle out in the cold, where the pastor hears her grandfather died, and wisely, with no giggles, leaves the show before Brad can reject her.

We love Brad, but the date with Whitney tells all: Mean Girl scales down the side of a B.C. mountain like the tiger she is, with poor Smitten Boy chasing her down, threatening to vomit (now THAT would have been a scene to remember).


*The fact that warm Kara, who got no screen time, is called first at the rose ceremony. (Maybe Brad does have woman radar, after all.)

*The shock in Gabrielle’s face as Whitney, who had a rose, cuts in on her intimate cocktail hour moment. (Aw, c’mon, Gab, you’re slipping. You missed your chance to claw her eyes out!)

*The hate spewed from Whitney’s eyes as Gabrielle snags the final rose. (Fight, fight, fight!)


Whitney: All you need to know is she referred to “winning” the “competition” so many times we lost track.

Gabrielle: “Whitney’s the devil. She’s evil, very evil.” Uh, yeah, we know. Tell Brad.


@lindsward Is that really Gaby’s eyeshadow or did a catfight go too far? #BachCan


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