I’m baaccckk. And so is the Bachelor Canada Recap. Freaking out that you missed episode 2 last night? No worries. This week, the Bachelor Fan-atics (BFs) and I got our snacks before the show began. We had our iPads and phones ready and tweeted through the whole sordid affair.


The group date where the girls had to get slutty in cheap burlesque costumes and gyrate until poor Brad Smith blushed so hard he turned purple.

When Laura B. opened the necklace Brad brought her for their one-on-one date and Whitney unleashed her now signature murder stare.

When Whitney beat out Sophie by 1-tenth of a second on the race car group date. Foreshadowing much?


Watching Playboy model turned mom, Melissa Marie, try to dance burlesque. Now that was awkward. But she went off the awkward scale during cocktail hour with her tantrum about not getting enough time with Brad. Some women should never, ever drink.

Hearing Bible thumper Chantelle tell us she’s a Woman of Faith (giggle, giggle) so many times we thought our brains were on rewind.

When Laura B. tried to steal Brad from Whitney, was shooed away, and proceeded to lock  herself in the bathroom in tears. Hello? Laura? You know you already had a rose, right?

BIGGEST SURPRISE: When Brad gave Chantelle (giggle, giggle) the group date rose because he mistook her for adorable and not drive-a-nail-through-the-skull annoying.

SWEETEST MOMENT:  Walking on the beach at dawn, Ana confided in Brad that her mother died when she was 14 and his arm instantly flung around her shoulders. Awww. #TeamAna

JUICIEST MOMENT:  The rose ceremony. Gabrielle took a deep sniff of her rose. “Smells good,” she whispered to Whitney (could she be an evil robot?), who pretended there were no laser beams shooting from her eyes.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: Melissa Marie: “Too scared to talk to me, Brad?” What gave it away? His sprint in the other direction?

BEST TWEET OF THE NIGHT: @momfaze: “Uh oh, the drunken cock-tail party” #BachCan


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