Who Got the Rose? Bachelor Canada Episode 6 Recap

The Bachelor Canada’s Episode 6 was all hot and cold. We’re hoping our Bachelor Brad ends up all snuggled up with his honey, but right now, we’re shivering for him.

Date 1 had Brad and Bianka enjoying some honest chatter on a picnic blanket and all was sunny and warm until – drum roll please – the (by now expected) date card (which somehow still makes every couple act surprised) appeared.

When faced with the option to forgo their individual rooms in order to share the fantasy suite, Bianka eventually demurred, but not before she gave Brad one lovely cold shoulder. She wasn’t giving up her night so fast – until she told him that his two other dates were, well, upsetting to say the least. Worried he might have to lift the baggage that other cheating suitors dumped on her long ago, Brad set out to prove he’s nothing like those jerks. He’s the real deal. Let’s hope he doesn’t keep poor Bianka around only to dump her at the last second for Kim Kardashian – oops, that was last time – I mean Whitney.

Next came Kara’s date. She was all glossy hair, lips and legs and Brad declared that she was the one he was most consistently comfortable with, leading us to believe she’d be here to stay. Their chemistry seemed to be heating up but at the same time, she kept her cool, proving to be the most down-to-earth girl left. Now this one you want to bring home to Mama.

Finally, it was Whitney’s turn. Despite her obvious desire to “win” Brad’s heart, sparks were flying. Well, Brad was sparking, anyway. We’re not sure what Whitney was doing (besides steaming up the TV screen in her hot tub bathing suit) and apparently neither was she. The pair had smooches, laughs and she even cracked and showed some emotion, letting Brad know she wanted to be with him or she wouldn’t be here. Brad believed her, so why didn’t we?


Sadly for us, there was no camera peeking into the Fantasy Suite so we got none of the secret juice that’s usually reserved for Bachelor peeping Tom viewers.


During the rose ceremony, Kara got kicked to the curb. Seconds later, Whitney, who had chatted on the phone with her twin sister Camille about how to let Brad down easily, grabbed him for some alone time, leaving Kara standing awkwardly in wait to say her goodbye.


Surprise, surprise. Whitney, all dolled up in her red bandage dress, blindsided Brad with the news that she was not sure how she felt. Something feels wrong, she explained, all ice queen again. Um, yeah. Brad? Does something feel wrong for you? Is it getting cold in here? Do you need a scarf?

Next week, join us for The Bachelor Canada’s Women Tell All episode, when all the claws come raging out. Scratch on, Ladies!



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