Who Got The Rose? Bachelor Canada Episode 5 Home Visits Recap

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It’s an ages old adage that if a man wants to know what will become of a woman, he should meet her mother. And so, the Bachelorettes took their suitor, Brad Smith, home to meet their mothers, their fathers, and in the case of Gabrielle, 1/2 of Oakville, Ontario.  This episode was one of revelations, reunions, and a bit of risk-taking.

We started  the show off with a walk down memory lane as Brad reminisced about his first impressions of each of the remaining bachelorettes: Kara tossing a baseball, Bianka specializing in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Gabrielle speaking her mind and being the first to haul him off for some whispers, and Whitney ..well.. who cares. Whatever he thought about her initially was what she wanted him to think.

It’s become increasingly obvious to us viewers that Brad likes strong women. The moment a bachelorette exhibits any weakness or sensitivity, she’s out (other than Chantelle’s virginity admission, where booting her would have portrayed him as the biggest jerk in Canada.)

Wondering what we mean? Let’s look at the home visits, and you guess who didn’t get a rose last night.

Bianka took Brad to her favorite ice cream parlour, where, wonder of wonders, they found out that they have the same favorite ice cream flavour (mint chocolate chip, if you’re interested.) Bianka continued to play it cool, even as she confided in him that her reticence was due to the fact that she’d been cheated upon in the past. When Brad asked her what he could do to make it all better, she replied with a little grin,

Get rid of the other girls.

And so, he was hooked. And, even more so when she punk’d him with a story that her parents didn’t speak English. Which they do. Fun. Canadian-Style.

Second in line was a visit to Kara’s hometown where they realized that they have very similar personalities.  Feeling less insecure with Kara than the other girls, Brad enjoyed a boat cruise after which asked her if she would relocated from Vancouver, even though she is so close to her family (hmmm…spoiler or good editing?) Kara’s father, who was supposedly unable to get off work, surprised the couple by showing up and asking Brad what his intentions are. Cleverly skirting around a concrete answer, Brad avoided the big one: Do you have a job?

Both Kara and Brad mentioned the L Word-she saying she has fallen, and he saying he could fall.  Someone hedging his bets?

Next, Brad was off to hang with Gabrielle in Oakville.  She showed him her softer side with a visit to a senior’s centre and a rousing game of Bingo. Brad taught us a few homegrown cuss words, and Gabrielle showed Brad that her big mouth is just bravado. The highlight of this home visit, besides finding out that Gabi has domestic tendencies and her mother has a crush on Brad, was her gay cousin Paris. Truly entertaining, Paris announced to everyone that Brad was gorgeous and that he should be a stripper. When Gabi and Brad were leaving, Paris nearly swooned as he whispered I love you to his cousin’s suitor.

Lastly, our boy headed off to Calgary to play Cowboys with Ice Queen Whitney.  Cleverly organizing a bobsledding date so she could show off her bod in a skin tight suit, Whitney kept up her hot and cold act, further confusing Brad. We could almost see the lightbulb go off in Brad’s head as he realized that unlike her, the famjam is warm and communicative, and that her inability to talk about her feelings might mean..What? That she’s full of it Brad? That she’s not nice?

Viewers were heard screaming, frustratedly,  across the land: She doesn’t express her feelings for you because she’s a robot. She just wants to win the game. Not the prize. Wise up, Buddy Boy. Wise Up.

Was it possible? Had Br-itney hit the deal-breaker? Right before the rose ceremony, Brad pulled Whitney aside to voice his concerns. Her answer? Same old song, different dress.

Soon. I will tell you how I feel soon. I promise I will be able to. Someday. To someone.

Did he fall for it? Who do you think was left rose-less? The only home visit that had awkward moments or  the one who showed vulnerability?

Bianka and Kara were sho-ins, but being the newbie in our live tweeting group, I held the naive hope that Brad would finally see right through Whitney’s bitter and competitive facade. My hopes were shattered when our lawyer Gabrielle was sent on her merry way.

And the smug look on Whitney’s face when she snagged that rose from Gabrielle? I’m still nauseous. And left wondering how men can be SO stupid.

On her limo ride out, Gabrielle didn’t look too upset as she uttered her final words

I’ll be happy for Brad if he doesn’t fall for the Whitney trap. But, this has been one hell of a ride.




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