Go ahead. Tease me all you want. I’ve been taking heat from everyone who knows my secret for the past decade. But I maintain my intelligence and my right to get off on reality TV. The slyer, the smuttier, the better. The Bachelor? Now that’s entertainment. Pure, unadulterated (read adulterated) eye candy fun. And if love happens, yeah baby.

I dare anyone to challenge me to Bachelor Trivial Pursuit. Since the pilot season, when Alex made the mistake of going just a little too far with Amanda then got stuck picking her lest they both look like sluts on national television, I have been a loyal Bachelor Fan-atic (BF). No one was more thrilled when the news that my favorite catfight-sobfest-lovejam was coming to Canada.

So imagine the green tone of my skin when my momfaze partner, Mara Shapiro, who used to laugh at me for logging off twitter so I could tune out the world and tune into every episode, got invited to a Bachelor Canada pre-screening. She got to ask 29-year-old Quebec hottie Brad Smith a real live question and started tweeting with the dashing host, Tyler Harcott, before I could make alternate arrangements for my husband’s birthday to join her. Oh, the unfairness of it all. She doesn’t even know who Trista turned down for Ryan, for heaven’s sake.

There is an upside here. As of last night, I am sharing the love. Momfaze (@momfaze, @RandiCM, @chickymara), along with a group of other twitter BF’s, are watching together. In our separate homes, with our popcorn and phones in hand, we are tweeting through the goods, the bads and the juicies. This is the true meaning of BFs, my friends, and we’d love you to join us every Monday night by using hashtag BachCan (#BachCan).

In case you missed last night’s kickoff  (the Canadian Bachelor is a former CFL wide receiver with the abs to prove it), our very own Brad met all 25 ladies while we BFs shared our Top Picks as if we were in a football pool. We had some help, seeing as the clips gave away the fact that he’s not passing on many raven-haired beauties. Still, the BFs were in agreement.

OUR TOP PICKS: So far we like Kara, who lobbed a ball at Brad’s head upon exiting her limo, and Bianka, the nurse who joked she specializes in mouth-to-mouth.

HIS TOP PICKS: He likes self-professed diva Whitney and exotic Ana. No guessing there. Ana got a surprise 16th rose for trying to wrangle time with him all night. And since Brad practically passed out when Whitney hugged him hello and wouldn’t let go, it was no wonder she snagged the first impression rose and the first French kiss. Watch out, Brad. There’s always one game player, and any girl who refers to herself in the third person is in it to win it. We predict she’ll go far, but hopefully not the distance.


Chantelle, the blonde pastor with the giggle that won’t quit. She got laughs for trying to figure out who had fake boobs. Um, it’s not that hard, honey. Or is it?

Danielle, the lawyer who can’t stop tossing her hair. She called rose-winner Whitney a skank while her own dress was sliding down to her waist. Hey, producers, this is prime time (OK, fine, that was TV gold!). We hope Brad keeps her around because gals who drink too much and say things they’re going to have to explain in The Women Tell All episode are so very tweetable.

SADDEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: Rebecca (Bubba), after getting rejected: “I’m not like these girls. They’re all so skinny and I’m not.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: Mindy, on her way out the door: “I hope, for his sake, he picks one of the good ones. But a little part of me…hopes he gets stuck with Gabrielle.

BEST TWEET OF THE NIGHT: @chickymara: “Gabrielle? She’s my hands down favorite. Don’t get up in her face *snap*” #BachCan


JOIN US EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 9PM EST ON TWITTER @momfaze for Bachelor Canada fun. Just use hashtag #BachCan. We love all BFs wherever you are.










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  1. Great premiere and so much fun tweeting with my fellow BFs. Same time, same place next week!


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