When I Sent my Kid to a Watsky Concert

George Watsky concert in Toronto

G Watsky Concert in Toronto (red hat is my son)

Sometimes when I get in my car the radio is assaulting my ears with Gangsta Rap or some kinds of boom boom boom dance music. That’s how I know that my daughter has been in the car. If I get in and am treated to the sounds of grunge, metal, or singer-songwriter, I know it’s been my son (yeah, I know his taste is eclectic.)

A lot of the time I’m disturbed or disappointed at the music that they listen to. I’m not prude or anything, but some of the language even makes me blush, and a lot of it preaches violence or sex and non-stop partying Once, a few months ago, the boy and I were actually in the car together, chatting and caring, and other stuff that happens when you trap your teen in the car, and he said to me,

I’m listening to this guy Watsky. He’s a rapper. Can I play it for you?

Can he play it for me?? I internally rolled my eyes, but I said yes. Because, you know, he wanted to share something with me. An occurrence which had become as rare as a purple diamond. He plugged his iphone into my USB or bluetoothed it or something technological.

And then beautiful sounds came of out of my radio.

This was a moment where I remember that not only do I teach my kids, but boy do they ever teach me. Watsky’s music is so amazing. He raps, yes, and in fact is known as the fastest rapper in the world. But he is also a slam poet, and writes thoughtful and inspirational words. Sure, he swears, but he swears for a purpose. He is relatable. His music makes my son want to be better, to grow, to achieve, to think.

Believe me I want to achieve it all by being me
It’s too easy to be cheesy on TV or DVD
I’m seeking to sneak in, but I’m weeping when I peep the scene
Cause I’m knee-deepin it and need a TP roll to keep it clean
I’m digging for deeper meaning cause beneath this skin is beating the temperamental heaving heart of a gentle heathen.

I happened to overhear the kid and his friends taking about Watsky. And the fact that he was going to be playing an all-ages show in Toronto. My  son was dying to go, but his friends were on the fence. His birthday was coming up, and being the best mother in the world (of Queen of the World, as they call me), I went online and bought four tickets to Watsky (hey, they were only $18 each) as his birthday present.

Have you ever seen a 17-year old’s eyes light up like the sun? Well, that look on his face when I told him I bought those tickets was nothing to compared to how bright they were the morning AFTER the show, which apparently was the greatest night of his life.

True to his mission to making music for the people, Watsky came out and met the throngs. My son got to talk to him and the other band members, took photos, had his hat signed.

That red hat you see in the picture at the top of his post? That’s him. He made it into the concert shots.

Best night ever.

He wanted me to share these two songs with you so that you could know about Watsky and share his music with your teens. That is, if they don’t know about him already. Let me know what you think. The first, Cardboard Castles, is an absolutely mesmerizing and heartbreaking message about bullying.

And also, teenagers are SO amazing.



  1. Music is such an awesome and powerful thing to connect to, for people of all ages. It is really cool that your son got to meet him afterwards, that is a memory that will last a lifetime for him for sure.

  2. Mara, I too became a big Watsky fan after being introduced to his music and poetry by my teens. I think he’s very talented and uses words in a very unique way. After the Warped Tour here (yes, I’m also Queen Mom), we met him and I told him that I’d like him to use the F word a little less frequently and it would have more impact. He told me he never uses it as a ‘mean’ word and never tries to belittle anyone with it. Both of my kids are wise enough to know right and wrong, and they feel a connection to his quest for finding life meaning, and his reflection on his youth and how it molded him. I was shocked to learn he is 26 years old…I’d like to see where he takes his talent, since I think he will only appeal to the tweens for a few more years and then it becomes a little…um…strange for a 30-something guy to be reflecting on life in his mom’s house!!!!! His dad is also a poet, and very talented. Watch Watsky’s TED talk on youtube – it’s great.


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