Top Ten Things Teens Hate to Hear


Ever wonder why your kids are rolling your eyes at you?

Personally, I think I’m quite smart. Quite cool. Quite with it. So one day, I put the question to my kids: What’s with all the eye rolling?

Well, they said, sometimes we just want to punch you. But we can’t. And then they gave me a list of things I say that make them wanna punch me.

So since I’m a sharing kind of Mom, who wants other parents to learn from my mistakes, here they are.




10.  How can you find anything in here? (I just can. My room is like your purse. Only bigger.)

9.    When you start a sentence with my full name. (Whatever’s coming can’t be good.)

8.    Be nice to your brother. (Why?)

7.    I think you should change your shirt. (I think you should change YOUR shirt.)

6.   Who ya texting? (A ton of people you don’t know and never will.)

5.    Are you OK? (Ya, fine.) Is something bothering you? (Nothing’s bothering me.) Are you sure? Cuz you’re acting all different. (OK, YOU’RE bothering me! LEAVE ME ALONE!)

4.    Are you interested in anyone special? (If I don’t bring this up then you don’t.)

3.   We need to talk. (So just talk. Don’t torture me with the warning then make me freak out, worrying about what I might possibly need to defend.)

2.   Wow, you look STUNNING! (Technically, this shouldn’t bug me, but it does.)

1.    Why not? Because I said so. (Good one, Mom. You should be a lawyer.)


Got more? Ask your kids. They’ll have plenty – I guarantee it.

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Randi Chapnik Myers & Mara Shapiro don't get fazed by their teens. At least they try not to.


  1. cali and lindsay says:

    mom: can you come here?
    me: why?
    me: WHY?
    me: MOM WHY????
    mom: never mind.

  2. OK, I am now searching for hidden videocam. Clearly, you are spying on us :)

  3. Gulp. 8/10 is bad right? Because that’s how many I’m fairly certain I’ve already used.

  4. That’s good! I’m 10 for 10 all the time and still counting…

  5. Um. Gulity. .

  6. Yeah, that’s kinda the point, I’m thinking.

  7. My kids *love* it when I explain jokes that they already get… it is so much fun for me!!!

    Also, now that my oldest has friends who can (legally) drive, she loves it when I insist on meeting them (if I haven’t before) and telling them point blank that if they do anything stupid while driving my kid around, like drinking, texting, talking on the phone, I will very easily and with great enthusiasm break both of their legs.

    • You go mama bear!! Kids love it when you restate everything. make sure you wink and say, ‘get it, get it?’

  8. My husband has been known to tell underage kids: If I catch you with drugs or booze in my house, I won’t kick you out.
    Waits a beat for that to sink in.
    Then he says- I’ll just call the cops.

  9. When we clean something and you say its still dirty. Seriously. I just cleaned! Wtf what do you people see to me its spotless


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