The Ages and Stages of Motherhood and Momthrive Conference

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MomThrive – join the Me Time Movement

Kids aren’t the only ones who grow. As mothers, we too grow through the different stages of parenthood (never mind the aging). Just as we didn’t know what ‘having a baby’ would feel like (even though everyone and her sister told us), we can’t really know how we’ll react when we finally close the chapter on diapers and cribs and Penaten cream. Or what it feels like to send our babies off to preschool or day camp for the first time, little backpacks filled with treasures and treats.

It’s hard to prepare for that first day of school when our wee ones walk into the building without a backward glance, or for the first time a tween daughter slams the door in your face, yelling ‘You just don’t understand me!’ Nobody can describe the the bittersweet feelings of nostalgia when watching your son take the wheel for the first time, or seeing his excitement as university acceptance letters start to arrive.

And while we certainly expect those lines and wrinkles to appear, it’s hard to stay serene when the greys take over and we start getting called Ma’am by the same young men who are checking out our daughter.

There are so many ‘mom stages’. Just when you think you’ve got this mothering thing under control,  you’re on to the next stage of parenting – from newborns and breastfeeding to potty training, and primary school. Before you know it, you’ve got tweens and teens and hormones and peer pressure. Everything is always new and unexpected, requiring us to learn, grow and figure out what we need – not just as mothers but as people.

Enter MomThrive. Billed as ‘.. a fabulous two-day, three-night girl’s weekend away, solely focused on the overall health, wellness, support, personal growth and happiness of moms with a very special emphasis on self care and “Me Time”! ‘, this conference is OUR chance to be with a group of women who know exactly how we feel.

We’re so excited to speak at MomThrive about being a mom through these ages and stages. We hope to share ideas about parenting through these times not just as mothers, but as women. Because as our kids get older, so do we. Never mind our bodies, but our souls and our attitudes. To get started, we decided to focus on three questions:

  1. What do you love most about the age/stage of motherhood you are in right now?
  2. What one challenge or moment came as a surprise?
  3. What do you make a point of doing just for yourself and how do you carve out the time? How do you think this will change as your kids get older?

Randi says…

  1. I love the fact that my kids are constantly teaching me new things – everything from introducing me to TV shows and bands to challenging my religious beliefs. I love that they are beings separate from me, people in their own right, people I respect.
  2. I didn’t realize, until my kids were teens, that the more I shut up and listen, the more they talk. Shutting up isn’t easy.
  3. No matter the season, every night, I lock the bathroom door and take a hot 10-minute bath. It’s my Think Time so get lost, people!

Mara says…

  1. I really love talking to my teenagers. This generation is so different, and I learn something about how to be a better person from my kids every single day. Oh, also, I love all the free time I have because they keep themselves pretty busy.
  2. The most challenging moment in my parenting life was my third child, who has ADHD. Being his mother has changed me completely. My other two were very easy, and he was far from it. I was completely unprepared for what he would bring every day, and I’m pretty sure that I was an absolutely terrible mother to him at times.
  3. I stand up for myself. It’s very easy for teenagers to push the envelope and get what they want, like the car or some extra cash. But, I know that when I stand my ground, they respect me, my time, and my belongings. And, after dinner, I get up and leave the table. There are four able-bodied people to clean up the lovely dinner I’ve made.
momthrive conference for all women in Toronto 2013

Join us at MomThrive

About Momthrive

MomThrive is about you, and ensuring you are taking the same good care of yourself as you are of your loved ones, and giving you the tools you need to make that happen.  MomThrive is NOT about making an “escape”. If you’re a mom and you would like to enjoy support from other moms who are experiencing the same things you are, then you are the mom Sara Hodge and Lisa Davis had in mind when they created MomThrive.

“There are lots of great resources out there supporting parents, and especially moms with little ones,” says Sara Hodge. “But we wanted to create an actual event where ALL moms, regardless of their child’s age, can come and experience that support, encouragement and friendship firsthand.”

MomThrive is, simply put, a conference for moms.  It takes place at the Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre hotel in Toronto on April 4-6, 2013.  The first of its kind in North America, it is a national event focused on the overall health, wellness, balance and support of all moms and women in mothering roles (including aunties and grandmas), with a special emphasis on self care and “me time”.

We want our session to be completely interactive and to speak to what YOU, the MOMS, are thinking about. So, we’re crowdsourcing our presentation from your feedback.

We have TWO tickets to give away so you can share the MomThrive Experience with other women like yourself. In the comments, either:

1. Answer one of our questions

2. Pose your own question you’d like us to answer during our session. It can be ANYTHING to do with mothering, from birth up to university age (we don’t have expertise beyond that, yet….)

To obtain extra entries:

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Contest closes March 7th, 2013. Conference details are here. Tickets are valued at $340.00 each, and do not include accommodation or transportation.


PS Even if you don’t win our contest, you can still purchase your tickets at $75 off with the promo code: momfaze. Hope to see you there!



  1. My biggest surprise and challenge was the moment I found out during my third pregnancy that we were expecting twins. Twins! I was completely blindsided and totally unprepared. I am fiercely independent and take great pride in trying to ‘do it all’ but I quickly discovered that it was okay to accept help and to even ask for it. This became a necessity especially with a 2- and a 4-year old that needed care and attention as well. Even now, four years later, there are days when I still need a helping hand and am not afraid to ask for it. And I am always ready to return the favour.

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  6. What do you love most about the age/stage of motherhood you are in right now?
    I love that my 2.5 yr old is becoming really interactive and imaginative. We can play games TOGETHER now, it is so much fun!
    With my 4 month old, I am still getting in as many baby snuggles as I can!

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  11. What challenge or moment came as a surprise? My third was born with a potentially fatal heart defect. Nothing will EVER prepare you for that. We have watched him struggle and fight just to live. As a parent, there is nothing more devastating. I am grateful for everyday that’ve have with him, and while his futureis very much uncertain, I have become a better person because of him. I cherish every milestone, new adventure, every tantrum (although I could do with a few.less of those)….having a child who is medically fragile and has special needs has been the single most difficult thing I have ever endured. If you want to knowthemeaning of life, just watch him smile!

  12. I’ve had many challenging moments as a mother. My first moment came when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. The doctors told us he had multiple issues which lead them to believe he would be born with a genetic disorder. They immediately suggested that because I too far along to abort in Canada, I could go to the US… that’s a lot of heavy information to take in during your first pregnancy. Quinton surprised everyone, including the room full of specialists, when he was born 2 weeks early and perfectly healthy and whole.

    My 2nd child contracted meningitis at 6 months of age. I’m surprised I didn’t faint during the spinal-tap. It was a miracle she survived. She surprised the doctors with her quick turn-around.

    My 4th child was delivered naturally after a few pushes and weighed 10lbs 7.5oz. That was a HUGE surprise to everyone including my female parts!

    In 2005 we decided to expand our definition of a family home when we purchased a home big enough to be able to care for my husband’s aging parents in their final years. His Mom passed away in our home – in his arms Oct 7, 2005 and his Dad, after requiring months of around-the-clock care, passed away in our home & arms Aug 18, 2011. I never thought one day I’d be sponge-bathing my father-in-law – it surprised me that it was possible to love in-laws as much as I did.

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  16. As a new mother, the adjustment from breadwinner to housewife is difficult because there is no time to tidy up and prepare meals, let alone have any time to do something for me. It’s the pressure placed on myself that is making it a challenge. How have other women coped?

  17. My biggest surprise? My ex and his wife lost their 14 month old daughter in the fall, and my 6 year old was pretty devastated at having lost a sister. although we’ve always been on relatively good terms (we have our moments, but we hug at Christmas, share our daughter’s birthday and other milestone celebrations etc) but since their wee one passed his wife and i have actually become really. good. friends. the here’s a just-because gift kind of friend. the its ok to ugly-cry in front friend. Now that…. was a total surprise!

    I already follow you on twitter, I’ve subscribed and I’m a facebook fan 🙂 Love you guys!

  18. How do you cope with the children letting go, mom is no longer #1, them no longer visiting for example? Following on Twiter, & a Facebook fan, & will follow the blog in hopes that I win a ticket!

  19. My kids are 3 & 6. I love that that I can still make them belly laugh.
    My big surprise came when I was pregnant with baby #1. They’d estimated my due date wrong and I was a month further ahead than I thought! At the time I was devastated.
    As my kids get old I see it easier to carve out time for myself.

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  23. so here are some of my questions i struggle with.

    when do you stop listening to other mother’s interpretation of motherhood?

    who’s model of motherhood do you follow?

    when is your child’s voice more important than yours?

    why does it take moms so long to realize they need to take care of themselves first.

    why can’t moms disconnect from their kids, even when they need to?

    some of the above questions i’ve answered for myself over the years, but i wish i knew the answer to them earlier, it would of saved my first born from being a guinea pig. if you can answer some of these questions, it would help women like me to have something to fall back on.

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  25. What I love best about having a teen in the house: everything! Really having my teen is a joy as we dance around the kitchen, have real conversations about important life changing topics, and she loves to cook. Does this mom have it good, well yes I do BUT it has been a long time coming as I nutured her back to good health. 🙂

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  28. I want to know how to deal with a child that is just as stubborn as I was at that age! In many ways, it’s a blessing – she’s a leader, not a follower. But, I feel like I try so many different tactics to get her moving in the morning or to stop bugging her sibling, etc. yet it always seems to end in me yelling… that’s the only thing that gets her attention. What to do? Thanks!

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  31. What I love most about the stage of motherhood I’m in now is I get to see how my teenage daughter is developing into an adult. I get a weird feeling when I look into her eyes…I kind of see me!

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  34. Sara Ahlfeld says:

    My 2 1/2 year old son laughs at me very time I suggest using the potty. I’ve bought the potty and the set, the training pants with his favorite character on them, underwear, offered him candy and pretty much done everything the “experts” say. how do i really get this started?

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