Spring Fashion Essentials for Real Moms


And now for a public service announcement for all you real moms out there who are losing the style battle now that it’s April: There is hope.

At this time of year, fashion is my nemesis. Because it snows one day and shines the next, every day, I’m a hot (read: sweaty) mess. And at 46, when I’ve gotta work to maintain my looks, there is nothing worse. Except of course when I’m pining after magazine photos of laughing moms decked out in perfectly Springy wardrobes.

I know the season has sprung by the state of my closet. Getting dressed has become a major undertaking. For a minimum of 30 minutes, I’m lost in there, yanking clothes of hangers, trying to piece together an outfit. I emerge and race to the mirror only to find I am either a. too dark (no, I’m not going to a funeral), b. too warm (I hate you, wool) or c. too hidden (skin, where are you?) and sometimes a brutal combo of all of the above. Suddenly, nothing I own seems to work. Just look at the cast-off mound on the carpet that will soon be sorted into three out-of-sight-out-of-mind piles – trash, sell and save (anywhere but in this closet). Just watch me try not to SCREAM.

So here’s the hope I promised. This year, I’m holding back on new styles until I’ve got the basics in order. Which fashion essentials will get me through the next awkward weeks until Spring finally decides to stick around, you ask?


4 well-fitting white Tshirts

3 light cardigans – any color that suits your skin – not black!

1 lightweight raincoat with a hood – make sure it cinches at the waist or you’ll feel pregnant

1 lightweight shorter lightweight jacket – neutral but not black (navy, khaki, beige)

2 well-fitting jeans that are skinny but full of stretch and not too long (one light, one dark). You’ll wear them with boots and flats so prepare to roll up.

1 black pants full of stretch, not to0 long, lighter weight

1 pair short boots (black or beige)

1 pair flats (I vote metallic)


1 light scarf – cotton/linen

1 colored purse


Well? What did I miss?


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  1. Off to check and see how much of this I actually have in my closet 😉

  2. Rainboots. The modern woman’s essential item. And, also, a classic trench. That looks good with anything. Oh, and Converse.

  3. I can’t wear flats because of my foot problem, so a good running shoe is my shoe year round. Well, except for summer, I was able to find a fantastic flip-flop style sandal that has what I need in a shoe. 🙂

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day too! It’s like we have all sorts of seasonal clothes out right now – everything from our winter coats to slip-on summer shoes, jeeesh!

  5. Rainboots and you need to have a dress in there too for those date nights you know.

  6. Just put an exclamation mark on the fact that my wardrobe is definitely not up to snuff. Time to update!

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