Recognize these five hot guys? Can’t say I’m surprised.

But you can bet that every teen girl everywhere does (and not just their native Brits) no doubt in part because these are, well, five hot guys. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re crooning about What Makes You Beautiful, exactly the message we want our daughters to internalize.

So who is One Direction? Following their X Factor third place finish in 2010 (each boy failed to make the solo category so Nicole Scherzinger had the brilliant idea to team them up), the band went on to sign big-time record deals that launched them into superstardom. Now their fans call themselves Directioners, part of the 1DFamily.

You can read all about the band’s jet straight to the top – or your daughters can, anyway – in the book One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story). Keep them reading with One Direction: The Official Annual 2012 and Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction.

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Randi Chapnik Myers & Mara Shapiro don't get fazed by their teens. At least they try not to.


  1. They are terribly cute, but I want to tell the clone boy to pull his pants up.

  2. Ha! Now we’re getting a peek at what pure hotness means, I’m thinking.


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