My Life With Teenagers-An Update

What's happening with you these days?

If you know the source of this photo, then you definitely have teenagers

Life with teenagers is never boring, especially when it’s times three. There are so many amazing things happening with my kids plus a few less amazing things that we need to work on.

Here’s the rundown, starting from the youngest to oldest. Poor little guy, he never goes first. Also, he’s not so little anymore. Within weeks, I will be the shortest person in the household.

13: Just had a great Halloween trick-or-treating with a bunch of buddies.  Laughed his head off when his father asked him when ‘they’ were going out. Father went to his room to cry, whilst boy put together his part of a group costume called Green Day or in other words,

We’re teen boys and we’re too cool to dress up so we’ll go like in jeans and t-shirts and say we’re a rock band. 

When I was singing in the car last week, he got so mad he pretended to jump out of the car while it was moving. At least I think he was pretending. He looked pretty serious. What do I say to that? Well, I still got it.

Also, he walks around with his deep voice and he’s not my baby anymore. Next week he visits the high school.

Be still my heart. 

16:  The big news? Driver’s license! I just got one car hog out of the house, and now there’s another. For some reason, I’m more nervous to give him the car than I was my daughter. Maybe it’s because my car has already taken a teen beating. Or maybe it’s because if he gets in even one dinger, my insurance will skyrocket. But, YAY for him. Because I’m a supportive mother. Absolutely.

I’m impressed because whenever the he walks in and I’m watching The Bachelor Canada, he wants to know why Brad is kissing so many girls because that’s just not right.

Also, he’s doing really well in school. He seems to have found his educational mojo. Although, he has announced that he may want to take a gap year and that he doesn’t believe people should work at jobs that they don’t love, but rather they should be happy and find joy every day.That definitely is a generational thing. And something to think about.

I learn something new about life from my kids every day.

18: Words I never thought would exit her mouth, I can’t talk, I’m studying. University has really taken my daughter and replaced her with a student. She’s even talking about Master’s and PhDs and jobs and grades and… well, let’s just say I’m happy. And there goes the philosophy that if you make a kid pay for school, they will work harder, because we’re footing the bill, and she’s working her little tushie off.

Speaking of tushies, her Halloween costume wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, with her away at school and independent and all that kinda stuff. In fact, when her brother looked at her pictures, he had this to say

At least she’s wearing a shirt. Look. Her friend is just wearing a bra.

Small favours. And from the mouths of babes.

Also, it warms my heart that she is, at 18, beyond excited to go on a family vacation and hang out with me for days. I’ve already been informed of my agenda which includes tanning, tanning, and yes, tanning. She doesn’t understand that I don’t want to look old, since I don’t act it.

But she wants to spend time with me, which is a precious gift.  


So, what’s up with your teenagers?


  1. I loved this – made me feel I was almost right inside your life. Although, it’s a lot like well, my life, so it was easy to imagine. !7 is doing very well here at home in his first semester at college, hogging the car, and just drove to spend the weekend in the dorm at Queens with his pals to celebrate Halloween. But he did have lunch with his sister while there so there’s that right? And he came back alive. And my insurance rates didn’t skyrocket. 19 just got employee of the month as a student constable so she is literally kicking butt and taking names. Also baking pumpkin pies for her neighbours. Wait what? I tried to teach having a heart for others, but baking?? Life with teens IS never dull!

  2. Sounds like things are humming along nicely. I feel for you…two extra drivers in the family!

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