My Daughter and Her Stuff are Home From University

My daughter's room is so messy I can't even look

My Daughter and Her Stuff are Home from University


My daughter is home from University. Her first year is over. I can’t believe how fast time has flown! It feels like yesterday when I was getting her ready to leave, and now she’s back (and out with my car).

I spent yesterday evening helping her pack up her dorm (and being appalled by the fact that the bathroom had not been cleaned in a while.) I thought I’d share what her bedroom at home looks like now that it has a whole other room’s full of stuff in it. Since she’s leaving for a month abroad in a few days, I’m pretty sure I’m going to just have to close the door and pretend it’s not happening. Until she returns. Then, it may be a different story.

my teenage daughter has dumped her dorm room in her bedroom

The dorm room has been dumped in the bedroom

I really should have done what her friends did, and rented a storage locker. At least for those hangers.


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  1. You’re lucky, my son dropped his stuff in my living room.

  2. I’m laughing out loud right now because my 5 year old happened to be looking over my shoulder as I’m reading this and she was appalled by the photo, “That bedroom is a total disaster!”.

  3. Oh Mara, this made me laugh and laugh! It reminded me of… myself. I found myself stuffing my little car, when I was 20, and get to my parents’ place, drop off everything in my room / their garage / someplace in the house and then left the next day to spend 2 months working at a summer job and live with my then boyfriend / now spouse.
    No I see it through your eyes, and mine as a parent, and I just can’t stop laughing!

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