The other night, my eye happened to catch a particular hashtag on Twitter that was trending. For those new to the twitterverse, that means the phrase following the number sign (#) caught on as a theme that got people talking. In this case, it was “Lies I Told My Parents” and teens everywhere were fessing up.

I couldn’t help but laugh because some lies on there sounded mighty familiar – and not just around our house. I’m pretty sure a few of those classic lines came flying off my own tongue way back when. (Well, Mom?)

Congrats to those parents who claim their teens don’t lie, but even though I believe my kids to be basically truthful, who hasn’t told a little white one every now and then?

So, tell me this: Do any of these babies ring a bell? Come on, now, be honest.


#LiesIToldMyParents  I wasn’t the only one who failed the test, everyone in the class did.

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#LiesIToldMyParents  Yeah the parents are gonna be there…


#LiesIToldMyParents: Report cards haven’t come out yet.


#LiesIToldMyParents: If you buy me this I wont ask you for anything ever again!


#LiesIToldMyParents  My phone was dead..


#LiesIToldMyParents  We just watched a movie.. ;)


#LiesIToldMyParents  I need the computer for homework! No I’m not on the Internet!


#LiesIToldMyParents  I have no idea what that is and whatever that is, it isn’t mine.


#LiesIToldMyParents  I don’t feel good, can i stay home?


#LiesIToldMyParents  I’m not lying!


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Randi Chapnik Myers & Mara Shapiro don't get fazed by their teens. At least they try not to.


  1. Pretty sure I’ve heard them all.

  2. Told em, heard em, even pretended to fall for them.

  3. I may be familiar with those.


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