My son loves sandwiches.  Big fat turkey sandwiches stuffed onto great bread.

Since Ace Bakery & Chef Lynn Crawford (of Toronto’s Ruby WatchCo) are searching for Canada’s best sandwich, I challenged him and one of his friends to create their ultimate sandwich.

Neither of these boys are fancy-pants eaters.  I’m sure that their sandwiches aren’t winning any country-wide contests even though they totally fit Crawford’s criteria for what makes a sandwich great: versatility, portability, and simplicity.

Whatever the judges say, these creations certainly were winners.  That is, if a pile of crumbs on an empty plate is any indication.

The fixings:

  • Ace Bakery baguette and potato herb bread
  • Lilydale Nitrate-free roasted turkey breast & Kentucky-Style chicken breast
  • Herbed Dill Havarti & Medium Cheddar, both deli sliced
  • Organic butter lettuce, baby spinach, sliced tomatoes,
  • Bicks sandwich stackers, extra garlic, pickled banana peppers
  • Assorted condiments:  horseradish mustard, yellow mustard, grainy dijon, mayonnaise

The Contestants

Sandwich #1:  baguette, no mayo, dijon mustard, both cheeses, both meats, lettuce, extra pickles and hot peppers, on the grill

Ben's ace bakery sandwich

Sandwich #2:  potato herb bread, horseradish mustard, mayo, both cheeses, both meats, spinach, pickles and hot peppers, on the grill

ace baker potato herb bread sandwich

Which is your favorite?  

Now, that my boy and his buddy have chowed down, it’s time for you to put your secret chipotle mayonnaise recipe to the test.

What: Canada’s Best Sandwich Contest.  Your sandwich will be judged on taste appeal, creativity, innovation, and originality.

The Prize:  Regional winners will be awarded $1000 plus $1000 will be donated to the charity of their choice.  The creator of the winning sandwich will be awarded an additional $5000 cash prize as well as $5000 to their charity of choice.

How:  Submit your recipe on the Ace Bakery website (

When:  Submission deadline is May 24.  Regional winners will be announced on June 4, and will be flown to Toronto on June 22 to prepare their recipes in front of a live audience.

The judges: Chef Lynn Crawford, Linda Haynes, and Marcus Mariathas (Ace Bakery’s master baker)

Disclosure:  we were provided a basket of goodies from Ace Bakery in compensation for writing this post.


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