wanna be a bimbo?

The loose definition of the word Bimbo:  a dumb, hot, gal who is, well, loose. Woohoo!

Translation: This is an insult to you, girls. It means you want guys for money and they want you for sex.

So.. Wanna be a bimbo when you grow up? It turns out there are plenty of tweens with their hands up (and you can sure be they’ll soon be posting pix on Facebook with their mouths in pout and their booties out).

Don’t believe me? Check out any teen girl’s Facebook page. Now check out The Bimbo Game where girls (ages 7-17) log on to turn their naked virtual doll into “the hottest, coolest most famous bimbo in the whole world.” Think 4-year-old hairsprayed princesses parading onstage in Toddlers & Tiaras – on their way to becoming plumped up Shannon Tweeds – and bingo.

To become an online bimbo, all your daughter has to do is sign up. Then, she’s encouraged to stop at nothing to earn – drumroll, please – bimbo dollars she’ll use to stay thin and ultimately become the lucky lady who snags the sought-after billionaire boyfriend sugar daddy.

Your little girl achieves these lofty goals by buying a boob job, diet pills and big, fat bimbo attitude – just like the Human Barbie Mom who’s proud to give her 7-year-old a liposuction voucher.

The fun for young ‘uns comes in when they get to dress their doll in sexy clothes to go clubbing and use her money to play the lottery. Oh, and when they want fake breasts, diet pills and a sugar daddy in real life. OMG

The fun for you comes in when she displays that lovely bimbo attitude at home and begs for “cell phone cash” to buy more bimbo dollars. Oh, and when she wants fake breasts, diet pills and a sugar daddy in real life. OMG


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Randi Chapnik Myers & Mara Shapiro don't get fazed by their teens. At least they try not to.


  1. ugh. SEVEN YEAR OLDS??? How is that even LEGAL?

  2. yep, legal and oh so sad – especially for the parents who have no clue what their girlies are up to online

  3. I don’t even know what to say about this. It’s sad and pathetic.

    • And yet, when you think about shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and consider how many girls aspire to be Paris or Lindsay, it’s not as far off as you might think.

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