I have nothing against Don Draper. In fact, I’m all for him – every dashing, creative, controlling, drinking, smoking, lying, womanizing inch of him.

Every Sunday night, I bow to Jon Hamm, the guy behind the guy every female fan of Mad Men wants to meet – just for a night. The actor makes charlatan Don (whose real name is, wouldn’t you know it, Dick) irresistible to women. He’s the Christian Grey of the 60s. Someone you wouldn’t mind running into in a dimly lit restaurant or a hotel room or even a back alley, but definitely not someone you’d ever introduce to your teenage daughter.

So it’s odd that Rookie magazine would choose Hamm to give fatherly advice in its Ask a Grown Man vlog series – where teen girls pose relationship questions to celebrity men.

Let’s start with the fact that the actor is famous for playing a deeply damaged man who has a hell of a time controlling his addictions and his libido, just like so many teenagers do. Second, he’s not exactly a teen idol. My kids couldn’t pick the guy out of a lineup.

When asked questions such as Is it gross if a girl accidentally farts in front of her significant other? (Really? Someone asked that?), Hamm does a fair job of answering (Um, yeah). Yet there’s still something creepy about this scruffy 40-something man, who by the way is nowhere near marriage and has zero interest in becoming a father, talking directly to teen girls everywhere via webcam.

Hooray for Rookie Mag that this video is going viral. At the same time, maybe it could encourage its readers to consider talking to their dads now and then, too. Just a thought.

Oh, and PS, here are 5 questions I’d actually care to hear Jon Hamm answer:

1.  How many cigarettes do you have to smoke per episode taping?

2.  What did it feel like to be depressed and how did you beat it?

3.  Do you like kids, and if so, why don’t you want any?

3.  Who’s a better kisser – Betty or Megan – and why?

4.  When are you going to get it on with Joan already?


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  1. Yeah i was a bit on the fence on this one. I like the idea that the teen girls are asking the questions to someone who is probably closer in mind set to the boys they are dating. My daughter asks her step father all the time who gives her way better perspective on the teenage boy mind then i ever would.

    On the other hand, there was something odd about it. Maybe if he just sticks to boys mind set and stays away from actual teen girl advice it would be better. IF i didn’t hate myself on video, i was going to do a video reply on the weekend called — ask your actual mother or your friends mother — bc let’s face it, think we are generally more qualified (especially for some of the questions)

  2. I think the allure may be to get inside boys’ heads and so while agree with you about the mother thing, I think it might defeat the purpose. These were questions anybody could answer – definitely your dad or your uncle or your older bro. Peer answers would be way more interesting – even celebrity peers.

  3. Ummm… no way would I let my teenage daughters anywhere near Jon Hamm (and definitely not within the same State as Don Draper). Personally, there is something irresistible about the guy (Draper, not Hamm) but for giving advice? Hell no.

  4. I’m with you all the way. I just can’t believe he is so un-suave in real life.

  5. This is a bizarre video, he comes across as a bit creepy (far from the very polished Don Draper). I would’ve asked him to at least shave! That said, he plays a creep in most of his roles outside Mad Men, so maybe it’s more in his comfort zone!

  6. True. The creepiest part here is he’s on webcam talking to teen girls. Why?

  7. That is very bizarre that Jon Hamm would be the choice for giving advice to teenage girls. Yes, he can come into my bedroom at night, but not my daughters thank you – plus, I can hear them now, ewww he is old and that is creepy.


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