tweens and texting

This fall, my 10-year-old’s schedule makes mine look like a spa getaway.

Between baseball playoffs and hockey tournaments, he manages to squeeze in homework, Tetris and NHL on Xbox. He roller blades after school, reads before bed, somehow fits in three meals a day, and showers. And yet, the kid won’t stop nagging me about the gaping hole in his boring, empty life. Apparently, he can’t survive another second without his very own cell phone.

Born a lawyer (Lord, help me), the tween’s got a case. It goes like this:

1.  Safety. “Now that I’m allowed to walk with friends for ice cream, I need to text you where I am.”

2.  Fairness. “But Sister was younger than me when she got a phone. You love her more.”

3.  Envy. “Carpool friend has a phone. I’m so jealous.”

4.  Intelligence. “Texting will make me write more.”

5.  Bribery. “If I have a phone, I’ll be more responsible and I’ll work harder in school.”

6.  And, when all else fails, Nuisance. “I’m going to ask until you say YES!”

A retired lawyer myself (Thank you, Lord), I’ve got issues. They go like this:

1.  Safety. “When you’re walking across the street playing games on your phone, you could get hit by a car.”

2. Fairness. “Sister developed a texting addiction too young. Because I love you, I’m saving you from her fate.”

3. Envy. “Carpool friend has no one to text but her mom. Still jealous?”

4. Intelligence. “Texting will make your spelling gr8.

5. Bribery. “How about you work hard in school so you can get a job and pay for the phone.”

6. And, when all else fails, Nuisance. “I’m going to ignore you until you hear NO.”

Round 1: Mom. But I’m not passing out champagne. Having been here before, I am just gearing up for Round 2 in Battle of the Phone where my resolve will start to crumble as the tween nears his 11th birthday. Very soon, I’ll be forced to cover important cell phone details such as Tween Textiquette and TextSpeak, so stay tuned.

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Randi Chapnik Myers & Mara Shapiro don't get fazed by their teens. At least they try not to.


  1. I will stop complaining about my 9yo daughter asking me for her 1st phone. She is nowhere near as persistent as your son, and I’m also going to give you credit for that because you’re obviously way more patient and logical about it than I have been, lol

    Thanks for sharing, I can relate

  2. We’ve made it to 13 (son’s age) without caving. You can do it!

  3. This is an ugly battle that I lost at age 10 and again at age 11 with a new phone, however, I am still winning the ‘ you do not need a smart phone ‘ argument. at the moment.

    • He’s already got that angle covered. Started by insisting on a BlackBerry and reduced the argument to a smart phone…Think I might have gotten swindled early…

  4. Good luck it sounds like he’s got your (cell) number. Stay strong, mom. Stay strong.

  5. thanks for this my daughter wants a smart phone so bad. she came home with one yester day and when I asked her where she got it she said her friend gave it to her .i called the mom turns out the girl stole to her mom and gave it to my daughter.


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