the rose ceremony form the bachelor canada

even momfaze gets a rose from The Bachelor

We were lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening of the Bachelor Canada.  One half of momfaze is an avid (understatement) fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, while the other is slightly baffled and disturbed about the popularity of the show.

Guess who went?

The one who was pleasantly surprised, that’s who. (In case you’re lost, that’s me. Switching into first person now.)

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to view the premiere episode of The Bachelor Canada.  Sometimes Canadian versions of American reality shows are great (So You Think You Can Dance), and sometimes they’re slightly lame (Canada’s Got Talent).  I stopped watching the Bachelor a few years ago. The whole making out with seven women in one night thing sort of bothered me. While it was entertaining, the well-hidden feminist in me couldn’t handle the 25 women throwing themselves at their Prince Charming for five minutes of fame.  I think my daughter, who is an overly confident 18-year-old, feels the same way.

Me: too bad you’re at university. I would have taken you to this top-secret screening of The Bachelor.  Hey, you should go on The Bachelor.

Her: What? Mom? Are you nuts? Those girls are desperate. Why do they have to go on a TV show to get a boyfriend?

Me:  But, isn’t it fun to watch? You know, the whole premise?

Her:  They’re pretty. Why do they have to beg for a boyfriend? Anyways, they don’t want a relationship, they want to go on TV. If they wanted a boyfriend, they would just go to a bar.

I guess I don’t have to worry about that girl.

I have to tell you though, regardless of the ethics of finding your spouse on TV,  Bachelor Canada, which premiers on October 3 at 9 pm est, is AMAZING entertainment! Totally watchable. Go CANADA.

Brad Smith, the bachelor

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith

photo courtesy of CityTV

Handsome, charming, funny, and self-depracating.  I may be naive, but I believe it when he says that he’s ready to fall in love with the right woman. He’s also unashamed of his obvious appreciation of female beauty, and openly ogles the bachelorettes as they introduce themselves to him.  He went into the process with an authentic desire to be himself while seeing if he could actually meet his soulmate on National TV (I know it sounds implausible when I put it that way.)

We had a great conversation during the Q & A.

Me:  So, how was it having relationships with so many women at once. I mean, it’s not every day that you make out with 10 women in one night.

Him: You did? (Looking right at me and wishing I was his girlfriend and not a married 44-year old mother of three teenagers.)

Me:  umm…Show me your tattoo.

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith

Smith, a CFL player (that’s the Canadian Football League) answered my question honestly by sharing that the hardest part of being on The Bachelor was figuring out how to develop deep relationships with several women at the same time. But, he said, he couldn’t have given the process a fighting chance if he hadn’t figured out how to manage it.

my engagement ring from the Bachelor Canada

My engagement ring from Brad Smith.


The Bachelorettes:  Stink eyes, jealousy, and underhanded comments. If you thought the American Bachelorettes were catty, wait till you see the claws come out in the Great White North. These Canadian girls are mean. And  unintentionally hilarious. From their shiny prom-evocative evening gowns, to their constant tripping while attempting to walk in stilettos, the incredibly frank outtake interviews, the 25 women vying for Brad’s attention had me in stitches with their utterances.

I’m here because I’m looking for love.

I’m a nurse. And I specialize in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Let’s count how many boobs are fake.

Girls who kiss on the first date are skanks. Skanks I say.  Can you hear me?  Can’t take the truth?

Everyone else:  The producer and director are huge fans of The Bachelor franchise and gave it a uniquely Canadian flavour while still maintaining the excitement and familiarity of the well-loved shows.  They also allowed Brad Smith free reign to take his experience wherever it would go, allowing him and the bachelorettes to be as authentic as they could be in a contrived situation where their every smooch is captured by cameras and mikes. The host, Tyler Harcott, is absolutely great, and keeps the show running smoothly.

Other fun facts:

  • Brad Smith is not short.  It’s just that Tyler Harcott is really tall.
  • Brad’s favorite date from the show was a Canadian location.
  • The reason Brad wanted to go on The Bachelor was to overcome his bad boy ways and have a relationship like his parents have (awww).
  • Brad can cook.  Food.  And also what you were thinking.
  • Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad’s tattoo. Brad is 28.  Hard limit Cougars.  Hard limit.

To get to know the Bachelorettes (don’t bother with The Bachelor-he’s mine), go to

Facebook: BachelorCanada

Twitter updates at: The Bachelor Canada @BachelorCA

Tweet Brad Smith @bradcsmith

Tweet Tyler Harcott @tylerharcott (he tweets back)

The Bachelor Canada airs Wednesdays at 9pm est on CityTV. The premiere is October 3rd.  Tweet  #BachCan. 

Momfaze’s verdict:  Watch. Laugh. Fall in Love.  

Are you going to watch?






  1. Really great piece! I think it would be more fun, though, reading your articles after *you* watch each episode. When can you start?
    PS love the ring, if he doesn’t pick you, do you get to keep it?

  2. Although I’ve never been a die-hard fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise – I have watched a couple episodes. I think watching the Canadian version with a bunch of girlfriends (and some wine) would be hilarious and highly entertaining. I know a young girl who watches it with her mom. She’s 13. Is this too young? I sort of thought so, but my daughter is only 3, so what do I know about a 13 year olds? Thoughts?

    • Hi Christine, I think you’re right!! A night with friends and wine is a great way to enjoy the Bachelor. I don’t know if 13 is too young because I don’t know the girl and her mother and her family, and it’s not for me to say what’s right for them. At least the mom is watching it with her daughter, and can talk about the issues that the show brings up-dating, love, sex, mean girls, and more.

  3. I used to see Brad Smith in a swim suit every single day. Yes, really.

    …when he was about 7 years old.


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