Amazing Curls Courtesy of LuLu Life Sudanese Shea Butter

LuLu Works Trust

I’ve got curly hair. Frizzy, fine, flyaway curly hair. That goes flat by noon. Most curly hair products are made for nice, thick, corkscrew curls. Which I don’t have. So when I use those products, my hair gets the shiny crispies. The shiny crispies go with mullets and jeans from the BiWay. I don’t like any of those.

That’s why I’m in LOVE and OBSESSED and everything else with LuLu Life. It’s a shea butter that you warm in your hands and rub through your hair in lieu of other styling products. Yes, I’m serious.

And, it’s amazing.

Why I love it: Besides the lack of frizz, somehow the shea butter just gives me perfect curls with tons of body. Ask me how, and I couldn’t tell you. Also, my hair has never been healthier. When I started using LuLu, I had just highlighted my hair blonde, and it was mighty crispy. Once I started using this product, it was moisturized to the hilt. No more frizzies, no more dryness. Just lush, light, big curls.

As an aside, my hands are pretty moisturized too, which is pretty great considering the dryness that winter brings.

Looking pretty while doing good: I’m supporting women in the Sudan by using LuLu Life. Lulu Works Trust, the makers of Lulu Life, was founded in 2000 in response to rampant hunger and need in conflict torn Sudan. Lulu Works is a non-profit trust established to provide a suitable revenue for the women of South Sudan.  Building on the traditional role of Sudanese women as both the producers of Lulu oil and the guardians of the Lulu tree, Lulu Works Trust provides a sustainable livelihood for these women & their families.

From Curly Canadians (who kindly introduced me to LuLu Life):

Nilotic shea butter, or “lulu” as it is called in South Sudan, varies from traditional West African shea butter as it melts more gently into the skin.  Lulu Life shea butter products are cold-pressed, extra-virgin and organic.  Nilotic shea butter is especially effective in relieving dry, damaged and overprocessed hair.

 Over the past century, the secrets of the lulu shea nut have been unearthed & passed down by Sudanese women, the traditional guardians of the lulu tree. The women share a symbiotic relationship with this life-giving tree, eating the fruit, processing the nuts into oil and enjoying the tree’s cool shade. The nutritious oil was particularly important during Sudan’s civil war and is still a main source of food security during the yearly dry season. 

Isn’t that romantic? I don’t think you can describe the production of many hair products as having a ‘symbiotic relationship with a life-giving tree’.

By the way, 100% of the sale price of Lulu Life goes directly to the women’s cooperative.  The only place you can get LuLu Life in Canada is from CurlyCanadians, and they are also directly involved with the LuLu Works Trust.


Disclosure: I was provided a variety of hair products to try by CurlyCanadians. While I liked them all, LuLu Life was my particular favorite, and I wanted to share it with you.


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