10 Things to Do on a Holiday Weekend When You Have Teenagers

woman happy she has so much free time What To Do on the Weekend When Your Kids are Teenagers

What To Do on the Weekend When Your Kids are Teenagers

It’s a holiday weekend in Canada, and to this Mom of teens that means three full days of free time. YES!!

My kids are almost completely independent now, and they aren’t that bothered with what I’m up to, as long as there’s meat in the fridge and underwear in their drawers. The days where we’d spend weekends as a family, shuttling from one friend’s place to another, hanging out and watching the kids destroy someone else’s house play are long gone. Even the taxi service is mostly retired, as the one who still can’t drive is happy to ride his bike around the neighborhood or build super computers in his man cave.

If this is your first long-weekend with a lot of time on your hands, you might be feeling a bit out of sorts. Do not feel that way. Once you realize how amazing it is not to have to be the entertainment, you will be extremely happy.

It’s understandable how disconcerting it can be to not be needed or wanted anymore. And so, I have some suggestions for activities you could do to entertain yourself. Pick and choose as you will. Do them all, or do none of them. Remember, this is your time. You’ll notice laundry or catering to your children’s needs is not on this list.


What to Do on a Long Weekend When You Have Teenagers

What to Do on a Long Weekend When You Have Teenagers


  1. Sleep all day and then walk around the house in your pyjamas while drinking coffee. For a change of scenery, sit outside in the backyard with your coffee. If you like to read, do so. Otherwise, stare into space or read People Magazine.
  2. Go to the garden centre and buy plants for your garden. Wander around for a long time, monopolizing the salespeople, asking a lot of questions, and then cajoling the helper boys to carry your goods to the car. Ask them if they make housecalls while adjusting the strap of your tank top.
  3. Sit at your friend’s pool and drink beer. When the beer is gone, drink something else. Don’t go home until they ask you to leave. If the kids are hungry, give them $25 for pizza.
  4. Stare knowingly into your partner’s eyes. Start fooling with that tank top strap again. Etc. Five minutes later when it’s over, take a well-deserved nap.
  5. Put cute shorts on and grab a garden spade. Take a picture of yourself with the garden spade. Then, hand the garden spade to your teenage son and tell him to plant everything that you bought the day before. Provide appropriate instructions from the deck. Stay hydrated with Pimm’s Cup (which has fruits & a vegetable in it, so it’s food too.  A two-fer.)
  6. Go out for a nice lunch with your spouse. Wander around a picturesque town. Sit in a cafe, drink coffee and chat about life while snapping selfies and long-arm shots. Post them to Instagram. One hour later, go home and take a nap.
  7. Go to a movie. Make sure it’s a theatre with a bar so you can drink more festive weekend beer. Eat buttered popcorn and M & Ms with peanuts then complain that you ate all that junk. Promise to exercise the next day.
  8. After waking up late, make a healthy smoothie. Put on exercise clothing, as per the promise made in point #6. Drink smoothie, get distracted, and realize it’s 2:00 and it’s time for #3.
  9. Invite your friends over to drink wine on your back deck and admire the garden you planted earlier. If they demand it, provide food like quinoa and bbq‘d items, which are healthy, don’t make a mess, and go very well with long weekends and wine. Have chocolate on hand even though nobody likes to eat dessert, or so they say. If the kids are hungry, give them a hot dog and $20 for a movie.
  10. Complain that you’re sad your kids are grown up and that they don’t want to spend time with you. Pay lipservice to this fact by insisting that they have dinner with you once during the weekend. Spend hours cooking the meal, and make enough for their friends. End up throwing a big, impromptu backyard party.

I will neither confirm nor deny that all of the above is exactly how I intend to spend the next few days.


Enjoy!! And have a great weekend.


  1. LOVE THIS, Mara!!!
    Brilliantly written!

    I’m not there yet..my kids aren’t fully independent yet….but it sounds like I have just a few more years to prepare my liver for all those cocktails!

  2. Jodi Denberg says:

    Great article Mara! I’m almost there, as my girls still love doing things with me. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!
    I think, no, I know my sister-in-law, Marnie would LOVE your suggestions especially since many of them end with a nap!! ;)
    Happy long weekend!!

  3. I have just entered this stage and am a bit weepy and out of sorts! Your article made me laugh and appreciate what lies ahead….I will try to put some of the ideas into play…especially the napping !!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Mara, this post is awesome. My kids aren’t there yet, but I can still do lots of things in your list;)

  5. Mara…you’re funny! I’ve got a pool…(but you might want to sit beside the one next door that looks like Club Med – we can’t figure out their secret, they’re cover comes off, the water is already blue, they pop in their little creepy crawly thing and it’s beautiful…) but it’s a little on the green and murky side right now. Of course, a few cocktails in, and no one’s the wiser. C’mon up! Our kids are slightly younger than yours, so if you wait too long, the pool will be full of the twelve to fifteen crowd and it just becomes a mess of pool noodle bits flying around and girls screaming at the boys to stop hitting them…you’ve been there. I love your post. I can aspire to be you in a couple more years… *sigh*

  6. Oh my…I shamed myself as a writer ‘they’re’ ?

  7. Lol! Great post. I must admit as a mom of 3 year old twins I am pretty jealous.


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